The Lebanon Church of God is a multi-generational, multiethnic, biblically based, Christ centered, and Spirit –filled ministry that is fundamentally sound, and yet relevant for ministry in the 21st century. Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee; the Lebanon Church of God strives to reach the heart and soul of mankind with the gospel of Jesus Christ; to equip and empower individuals to become over comers against the forces of sin and to know and demonstrate the love of Jesus to mankind through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The church provides ministry on a number of levels designed to meet the needs of the individual – body, soul and spirit, thereby enabling them to grow and develop spiritually into what God has designed an ordained for their lives.

Our mission is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world; to witness to the lost about the saving and keeping power of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit; to equip and empower the people of God to stand against the forces of sin and Satan; to know the depths of God’s love and redemptive power to all as we expectanly vawait the second coming of our Savior and soon coming King.                                 


The first services of the Lebanon Church of God were held during the summer of 1902 under the leadership of the late Bishop John Riley nman on Cedar Street. Bishop Inman was a minister in the Presbyterian church located on Cedar Street and also a school teacher.

The Doctrine of Holiness and Sanctification was being preached in other cities of the United States since the mid 1800’s. Elder I. Fox, a Caucasian Church of God minister was granted permission to preach this doctrine in the Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, TN. Bishop Inman also accepted this doctrine and began preaching holiness and sanctification as the biblical standard of the Christian life. He eventually left the Presbyterian organization to establish a Church of God, Sanctified Church in Lebanon in 1903.

Between 1902 -1913, services were held in homes tents, a one-room schoolhouse, a public meeting hall on Sycamore Street and in a church building on Bluebird Road.

In 1933 the East Market Street location was destroyed by a tornado. The church was rebuilt the same year under the pastoral leadership of the late Elder James N. Church. In 1960, the late Elder D. A. Jarrett accepted the position of Pastor of the Lebanon Church of God. Being a builder by profession, the desires and dreams of the congregation were united to purchase a new site and erect a monument of memory to the pioneers that labored for the cause of Christ.

In 1967,the congregation purchased 2 1/2 acres form the Lebanon Urban Renewal Authority on the corner of Bluebird Road ( now C.L. Manier Street) and McGregor Street and began construction of a new church facility. This dream became a reality on Sunday June 18, 1968, when all of the Churches of God in the Central Tennessee District under the leadership of the late Bishop Henry.C. Nesbitt, assembled with the Lebanon congregation on East Market and marched to the present site. The late Elder J. S. Lester was installed as pastor in March 1971, the church continued to be blessed under his leadership. He was a godly man who preached the word of God without compromise; yet he was a man with a humble spirit who was loved by and respected by all. As Elder Lester’s health began to fail him, the late Elder John D. Harris, Sr., served as a faithful armor bearer to Elder Lester. Elder Harris was very instrumental in keeping the church functioning during this period; making many sacrifices of his time and energy to keep the church moving forward. The legacy that he left behind will long be remembered.

In March 1982, the Lord sent yet another man of God to serve as the spiritual under shepherd in the person of Bishop Andrew J. Valentine. The church is embarking on a new level of mission and ministry for which they are excited, invigorated and marvelously blessed of the Lord.



Our church partners with several organizations in the community in an effort to reach those having a need and to improve the quality of life of the citizens in the community. These organizations are as follows:


  • Compassionate Hands – this organization provides food, clothing and temporary shelter for the homeless.
  • Joseph’s Storehouse – this organization provides food for persons in need within the city and County.
  • The Genesis Group of Lebanon – this organization provides recreational activities primarily directed toward youth in the city; particularly in low income and at risk areas.Our church primarily provides the recreational resources for this program.