Sunday School

The Christian education division of the church is responsible for the overall Christian education and development an of the church's membership.

Church Ministries

  • Usher Board– this organization is responsible for maintaining order and decorum within the sanctuary. General first aid, emergency services are provided through this organization as well.
  • Missions – this organization is possible for all mission related activities sponsored By the church (i.e. benevolent activities; homeless; food and caregiving, etc.
  • Men's Ministry – this ministry seeks to unite in fellowship men of the church through Bible study, activities, special projects, etc.
  • Performing Arts – this ministry seeks to express the message of the gospel through interpretive dance, mime, stage, etc.
  • Music Ministry – this department includes all, musicians and choirs who provide the musical aspect of the worship experience


  • Youth Ministry – the youth ministry consists of several components that provide Christian experience for all you ages 18 and under These components Are as follows: Performing Arts; Youth Bible Study; Dreams; OMG girls; Children's Church (pending)
  • Golden Age Group – this organization seeks to unite fellowship members who are 65 years and older. Activities,, fellowship, field trips etc. take place. With this group on a regular basis
  • Hospitality – this organization is responsible for greeting and welcoming all persons entering the building and direct them to the appropriate areas of activities taking place
  • Media Ministry – this group is responsible for all media related production and distribution for the church
  • Matthew 25 Alive – this program is part of the benevolent arm of the church, providing food for those in need through a partnership with the Joseph's Storehouse Program